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Beacon Ethos Statement

Beacon exists to provide a range of safe and creative spaces for people to experience wellbeing, mindfulness and positive mental health.

For some this may mean slowing down and paying more attention to what they are thinking, feeling and doing.  For others, it could be seeking to achieve a better social, emotional and spiritual balance.  Beacon is open to all and is based on the belief that God is interested in all aspects of our lives, including the struggles as well as the successes, as demonstrated by Jesus in his living, suffering and resurrection.

We recognise that mental health issues take many forms and affect 1 in 4 people.  We seek to offer space and creative ways to reflect on and explore these issues with others who have similar experiences.  Beacon focuses on wellbeing as a pathway to positive mental health and is not a substitute for professional mental health services.  Beacon is open to and respects people of whatever gender, race, culture, sexual orientation and faith.

Beacon’s mission is to enable people experiencing mental health issues to find acceptance and respite so that the everyday becomes more manageable, and together we can realise the potential of a mindful life and experience wellbeing as a living reality.